Ostberg worries about wrong development of Citroen C3 R5

Mads Ostberg afraids that the direction of the development of Citroen C3 R5 went in a wrong way after the issues he faced in the last events.

The Norwegian was the development driver of Citroen's car as he was testing it all the last year with the aim to improve its potential.

However, he stuggled with the behaviour of the car as well as with the problems he faced in all so far  events.

The main problem for Ostberg is the suspension area of the car and it is noteworthy that he carried shock absorbers with him in the last races.

At Rally Estonia, the Citroen driver had an intecom problem on Friday afternoon while he mentioned that he had a suspension issue.

Moreover, he picked up a puncture and a 10-second time penalty on SS8 for jumping the start and as a result of that he dropped to third place behind Andreas Mikkelsen and Nikolay Gryazin.

Finally, he mentioned that he had no brakes on Sunday, so he had to slow down his pace to manage to finish the rally.

"When the grip is quite constant, we can manage quite well, but we do struggle with some issues on the new car where I have to be honest and say that I probably have done some mistakes on the development of the car and I can feel that now," Ostberg said to DirtFish.

"I could feel it already in Portugal to be honest, so I think we just have to try to understand and probably turn our heads around to sort this as quickly as possible".

Asked what area of the car was troubling him, Ostberg said: “On the differential side, so I struggle a lot when the grip is changing.

“I try to drive as fast as I can all the time, and to me I’m driving to the limit of the car all the time, and when we have grip we are faster than anyone, and on other stages when it’s changing around, for sure we are losing a lot of time. 

"Much more than normal. And it feels the same to me.

"I’m disappointed with that, but we tried to do our best."

Source: DirtFish.com

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