Hyundai to bring 2022 engine to its car at Rally Estonia

Hyundai Motorsport will use 2022 engine on its car at Rally Estonia for the rest of this season with the aim of closing the gap with Toyota in manufacturer's championship.

Toyota and M-Sport are already using the 2022 engines to their current cars with Hyundai having been the only team that delayed the homologation which was held on July 1rst.

At Rally Croatia, M-Sport Ford was the first team which brung its new engine to Fiesta WRC, whereas Toyota introduced its latest version of engine at Rally Portugal.

However, the Korean team proved at last year's Rally Estonia that it has solved its problems with the car on fast roads improving the aerodynamics of i20 Coupe WRC.

“It will be faster than last year,” Adamo told DirtFish. 

“We will have newly homologated parts and I’m confident my people did well with these new parts. 

"They are nothing to do with reliability, they are all about making the car faster and I’m confident this will be the case.

“There are new things in the engine. 

“For 2022 there are still somethings which can’t be the same as this year, so I would say it’s partially the same as what we will use next year.”

Asked where the difference would come in the new engine, Adamo replied: “When you do something new, you try to get the best out of everything. 

"The target is to have an even faster car this year, for sure.”


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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