Fourmaux's car repairable after his crash at Ypres Rally Belgium

The team boss of M-Sport Ford, Malcolm Wilson, reveals that his team will repair the damaged car of Adrien Fourmaux, but it will not be ready for Acropolis Rally Greece.

The French driver had a huge crash in Stage 3 of Ypres Rally Belgium and he was forced to retire from that event as his Fiesta was heavily damaged and his mechanics could not repair it in time.

The crash happened after his having turned a left corner and he lost the rear of his Fiesta after that corner, therefore his car was starting rolling and eventually it ended up in a ditch.

His Fiesta was mainly damaged in the exterior, in the roll cages and in the chassis, which has the number #13.

It must be mentioned that the #13 chassis of this Fiesta was the longest lasting in the WRC history and it was made by M-Sport's mechanics and for these reasons the British team decided to repair it.

"Unbelievable, eh?", said Wilson. 

"That was the last one of these chassis we’ll ever build. 

"Chassis #13 crashed on Friday 13th".

"It was quite a big one, but we can repair the car", said Wilson about Fourmaux's crash.

"We won’t have it out and done in time for the Acropolis, but it will be back out again".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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