Fourmaux feels sorry for his crash at Ypres Rally Belgium

Adrien Fourmaux apologizes to M-Sport Ford for his early crash at Ypres Rally Belgium and he explains what led him to that accident. 

The French driver was forced to retire from the Ypres Rally Belgium after having a huge crash in Stage 3 with the mechanics of M-Sport having been unable to fix his Fiesta as it was heavily damaged.

The crash happened after Fourmaux turned a left corner and after that corner he lost the rear side of his Fiesta, therefore his car started rolling and it ended up in a ditch.

"This is a big, big disappointment for me and also for the team and for my partners", Fourmaux said.

"I have most of my partners here and my family and they all paid for their own tickets to come to watch me. 

"It’s worst because most of them were working on Friday and they wanted to come to watch on the weekend and now I’m not there anymore".

Finally, he explained that his pacenotes were wrong and that was the reason that led him to the accident: "There was two dirty lines in the corner. 

"I didn’t choose the right word for my notes. 

"I had a word which was like ‘lines’ but really we needed only one word and that was ‘dirty’.

"We needed to be slower. 

"It was a fast corner that tightened and I stayed flat. 

"As well as that, the other drivers all put a small brake in there and I did not. 

"I did two mistakes".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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