Katsuta about his crash at Ypres Rally Belgium

Takamoto Katsuta talks about the crash he had in Stage 10 at Ypres Rally Belgium that led him to retire for the rest of the race. 

The Japanese driver had a massive crash in SS10 as he slided wide with the rear of his Yaris after a right corner.

After that slide, he had a contact with some bushes and after that incident his car started rolling and eventually it landed into a ditch.

His Yaris was heavily damaged mainly in the rollacages and in the chassis with the mechanics of Toyota having not been able to fix it for the last day of the event.

It must be mentioned that his crash was so massive that an electricity pole fell and blocked the road, therefore the organisers decided to canced that stage for safety issues.

However, they changed their mind and they redecided to restart the stage after a 20-minute delay.

Finally, the stewards gave to Katsuta and to his new co-driver, Keaton Williams, a fine 2.000 euros as they forgot to activate the OK button after the crash they had.

"By the beginning of the stage there was a pretty high-speed corner, and at the same time some bumps", Katsuta said.

"You feel the compression and things. 

"We knew this was going to be a bad corner, but at the same time you can go through pretty high-speed because the angle is not so tight.

"So then I took it flat, and when I landed from the bump I could not turn because of some kickback I felt from the steering.

"I then straight away went wide because I could not turn. 

"Obviously there is a big ditch, and in this rally there is no chance to make this kind of mistake.

"It was a big crash, and luckily didn’t hit the spectators. 

"I saw spectators a bit close to the car, so it was quite nice to hear that nobody hit the car".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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