Katsuta handed a fine for safety breach at Ypres Rally Belgium

The Stewards of Ypres Rally Belgium gave to Takamoto Katsuta and to his co-driver, Keaton Williams a fine for the incident that happened after their crash.

The Japanese driver had a massive crash in Stage 10 when he slided wide after a right hander and his Yaris had a contact with some bushes.

As a result of that contact, the rear wheels of his Yaris were off the road in a ditch and then the car started rolling. 

The crew is okay in their health, but their car was heavily damaged and it is yet to confirm if they will continue their race on Sunday.

However, both of them forgot to activate the OK button which is used to show to FIA and to the team that the crew is not injured.

For that reason, the stewards decided to give to Katsuta and to Williams a fine and both of them have to pay 2.000 euros jointly.

Although Toyota crew can do objection to this decision, they decided to pay this fine and not to take any further action.

Watch below the Stewards' decision: 

Photo Credits: Toyota

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