Neuville favourite for the win of Ypres Rally Belgium

Thierry Neuville believes that he will be the favourite driver to win this year's Ypres Rally Belgium as he has many experience from that event.

The Belgian driver aims to win his home event in two weeks and to claim his first win this season as he has took part in that tarmac event many times in the past having usually driven a Peugeot or a Hyundai car.

Ypres Rally Belgium will be hold a WRC event for the first time in the history of that event despite the fact that Ypres Rally is considered as a classic rally event.

"I think I could be the favourite", Neuville said. 

"I have experience of the event – even in my younger years I was participating, but it’s still going to be a really challenging event to win. 

"The weather, I think we can still expect it to be mainly dry in August, but it can be mixed and if it is wet then running third on the road is not the best place".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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