Breen eyes his first ever WRC win at Rally Finland

Craig Breen believes that he has many chances to claim his first ever win in WRC in next week's Rally Finland taking into account the different conditions of the event and the experience he has in this surface.

The Irish driver has been in Finland ten times so far in his career and the fast gravel roads are his favorite surface to compete in.

In fact Rally Estonia's surface is similar to Rally Finland's one, as it includes fast gravel stages, and he finished in second position overall in Estonia.

So far, Breen has never won in his WRC career despite the fact he has finished second overall many times in the past such as at this year's Rally Estonia and Ypres Rally Belgium. 

"As a crew we tend to go well on events with this kind of profile and I think this could be another strong event for us given our current form", Breen said.

"It’s the rally where you have to be the most committed. 

"I’m still searching for my first win – it feels like it has been eluding us now for some time, but we are getting closer and Finland will present one of the better opportunities this year.

"It’s going to be a bit tricky going there.

"We haven’t been in more than two years and not being in Jyväskylä for that amount of time is strange for a driver in the world championship.

"But we just don’t know much about the conditions either. 

"The roads could be quite soft, it could be a tricky rally.

"I suppose, because nobody has competed on a Rally Finland in October, it will be a bit of level playing field.

"But the down side to that is that it’s the rally which I know the best. 

"I’ve done it nine or 10 times and to go there with that knowledge of a summer event would have been really nice. 

"Now, we don’t even know if the notes we have will work so well as they would have done when we made them.

"OK, things will be a bit different, but it’s still Finland and it will be very nice to be back".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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