Full 2022 hybrid Hyundai to make its first appearance in October

The team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Andrea Adamo, reveals that the full hybrid i20 will be ready for its first ever appearance next month for testing.

So far, all Hyundai drivers including Oliver Solberg have tested a test mule which included all the hybrid components that will be used next season.

The same policy was followed by M-Sport Ford which ran its mule car before Hyundai did as the last one team was uncertain if it would continue in WRC in 2022.

"We put this prototype together just to take us to the dirt and to make some experience", Adamo said.

"I told my people to design a not nice bodywork to start testing with and they did this properly. 

"For sure this is not the last bodywork we will use in Monte Carlo, so don’t get worried about that.

"We are making a brand-new car – end of October I think we can see it testing".

However, he told about the fact that Hyundai left behind in 2022 car development in comperison with M-Sport Ford and Toyota: "I don’t know how far ahead or behind, I don’t know where are the others.

"We are testing. 

"It’s useless to deny we started behind the others, but this is not something we are worried about – we are catching up quite fast.

"There are many things to learn".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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