FIA to freeze WRC2 hybrid technology for three years

The FIA rally director, Yves Matton, mentions that hybrid technology will not be part of next year's Rally2 cars after teams arguing with that change and the only car change will be the fuel that will be used.

Hybrid technology was expected to be involved in Rally2 cars as well next season, but, despite the fact that in beginning some WRC2 manufacturers pushed FIA for hybrid technology, eventually some teams did not like that change and they were agianst that.

Therefore, FIA decided that Rally2 cars will continue like they are for the next three years, but the fuel that will be used will change from petrol to sustainable fuel.

"The Rally2 manufacturers consider the sustainable fuel will be enough of a step", said Matton. 

"At the beginning, one manufacturer was pushing quite hard to have a low-voltage hybrid system.

"One year ago, the story was different and manufacturers were interested, but now it’s changed.

"In the middle term the main step is sustainable fuel, not a system to add to the car".


Photo Cretits: Red Bull Content Pool

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