Neuville disagrees with FIA over the new Rally1 regulations

Thierry Neuville expresses his frustration over the 2022 Rally1 car regulations that were announced by FIA and he believes that these cars will be very dangerous for the crews, but nobody is brave enough to be opposed to FIA.

WRC enters to a new era from next season as the cars will become hybrid and many things will change.

First of all, the centre diff will not exist anymore in the car as well as the aerodynamic will be less while an e-motor will be fitted to current 1.6L turbocharged inline engine which can be used around service park, on the road sections between the stages and in specific stages.

However, the cars will remain four-wheel drive, but there will be a five-gear transmission system instead of a six-gear.

Furthermore, the suspension will be less complex and feature shorter wheel drive and more staighforward dampers, hubs, hub carriers and anti-roll bars.

Finally, the liquid cooling of brakes will no longer be allowed and the fuel tank will be simplified.

"I definitely don’t agree on all those changes which are done and done by FIA and manufacturers all the time for moving things, just to make the car less exciting, more dangerous to drive, and at the end it could be more expensive than anything else we have seen so far in the WRC", Neuville said.

"So it’s a pity. 

"Plus we have seen they have removed quite a lot of the aerodynamics from the cars so you hope to – at least – have some similar figures as before which would have been already difficult, but now probably going to have R5 performance figures from the car.

"Just have more power, 500 and more horsepower with the full electric and removing the center diff, removing fresh air, so basically the response of the engine. 

"Removing the aerodynamics now even more…

"It’s most definitely the wrong way for me and I don’t agree.

"I’m not happy at all to be honest, and I said it many times. 

"But obviously nobody has the balls to take different positions and go against what the FIA is deciding.

"That’s a pity but it must be the time we are living. 

"The drivers are not listened to anymore, and that’s another thing which makes our lives more frustrating".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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