Fourmaux relaxed with Puma Rally1 tests after Belgium crash

Adrien Fourmaux recovered from the crash at Ypres Rally Belgium thanks to the tests he did with the hybrid Puma admitting that he still learns the hybrid technology.

The French driver did many testing kilometers with the Ford Puma this week in the gravel roads of Sardinia while he previously tested it in France.

At Ypres Rally Belgium, Fourmaux suffered a massive crash in Stage 3 and he was forced to retire from that event as the mechanics of M-Sport were not able to fix his car due to the fact that it was heavily damaged.

In fact the chassis of his Fiesta had a big impact and it will get it repaired for Rally Finland which means that Fourmaux will run with a different chassis at next week's Acropolis Rally Greece.

It must be mentioned that the M-Sport driver injured his foot after this crash which was a 24g impact. 

"The surface is different, of course, from Belgium, but it was really good after the crash for me to be back at that pace and driving a car at that speed", Fourmaux said.

"I was able to drive a lot of kilometres with no pressure and take a lot of experience and learning from the test.

"Really, I can take a lot of pleasure from driving this Puma Rally1. 

"When you have the full hybrid, the car feels incredible – so much pace.

"I am still learning a little bit with the hybrid, like the other drivers, but it’s really interesting to work on the strategy and to play a little bit with when you are going to use it. 

"It’s really something new and another interesting challenge for next season".

Finaly, he talked about his co-operation with Mathew Wilson who tested the Puma Rally1 car many times: "It’s great to have the chance to work with Matthew. 

"He has so much experience and so much time in so many of the cars. 

"I think we are able to work quite well together, it’s really good that he will share his advice with me. 

"It feels like we are working as a team and pushing in the same direction".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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