Tanak confident for Hyundai reliability on Acropolis after Safari disaster

Ott Tanak is being confident ahead of Acropolis Rally Greece as he believes that Hyundai has solved the reliability issues it faced with suspension at Safari Rally Kenya.

The Korean team faced suspension issues in three events in a row (Rally Portugal, Rally Sardinia, Safari Ypres Rally Kenya) as a result of that its drivers were forced to retire and to lose the lead of these races.

These suspension issues had a huge impact on Tanak and on Neuville as both of them were first overall before these problems were hit them and they had to retire having lost valuable points for the driver's and the manufacturer's championship. 

"We definitely learned something with the issue that Thierry had in Kenya", Tanak answered when he was asked if the team was better prepared for rough gravel now.

"It was still quite unfortunate and a bit strange that it [the suspension failure] happened, but hopefully they found at least some kind of solution for that as well – and every hard lesson takes you forward so hopefully we went forward".

Moreover, Tanak expressed his suspension concerns as it is understood that Hyundai will use the same suspension branding Sachs for Acropolis Rally Greece as it did at Safari Rally Kenya: "It’s still the same story. 

"It’s something I can change nothing [about], so just need to do our own [rally] and fingers crossed it stays together".

Finaly, he talked about Acropolis Rally Greece: "You talk about the names of places and stages, but really I’m not sure if I’ve been there – they don’t mean so much to me! 

"I did the rally 10 years ago, obviously I have some idea, but generally it will be a new rally.

"It’s a legendary event and one which always should be in the calendar and [it’s] definitely nice to go back. 

"But, what do I know about the weather and the conditions?

"I know I fly there and we do rallying – but generally [you can’t] compare Estonian climate and Greece. 

"I’m sure it will be warm, it’s always warm there".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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