Jarveoja argues with FIA over the co-driving seat position

Martin Jarveoja expresses his concerns over the Rally1 co-driving seat position in 2022 admitting that it is unsafe for the navigators after the recent changes have been done by FIA.

FIA introduced some new technical and safety regulations for next season followed by the switch to hybrid technology.

Specifically, anti-roll cages will be more straightforward and stronger with the intention of providing more protection to the crew, but these changes will have an impact of how the bucket seats will be fitted to the interior of the car.

"To be honest as a co-driver at the moment I don’t like the seat position at all because FIA did some changes", Jarveoja said.

"We are still fighting to get the seat position better because at the moment it’s.. 

"I am not a tall guy but for some taller guys than me it will be really difficult.

"After, I don’t know, about three laps of testing I didn’t feel my legs because I’m like so tight in the car. 

"So for sure it’s not safe".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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