Neuville - Driver's and manufacturer's championship are now lost

Thierry Neuville believes that driver's and manufacturer's title hopes are now over after the disastrous Acropolis Rally Greece knowing from the start of this event that Hyundai would have stuggled in these stages.

The Belgian driver finished eighth overall in Greece after having faced power steering issues on Friday, so he dropped time and positions after that problem.

Neuville was trying to fight back on Saturday and on Sunday with the intention of taking some valuable points for the driver's championship while his focus was in Powerstage  where he scored only two points as he set the fourth fastest time there.

He is currently 50 points behind the leader Sebastien Ogier while Toyota extended its advantage over Hyundai from 39 to 57 points.

"It was a long way from the rally we wanted to have, definitely", Neuville told DirtFish.

"A good summary is that we got hit by a technical issue very early in the rally, and from then on it was very tough to try to fight back.

"I couldn’t get a good speed being one of the first cars on the road, we couldn’t get the traction, it was tough to set any good times, despite trying very hard on the powerstage, we didn’t get the result we wanted.

"It looks like in general all three cars were a little bit down, even in the powerstage the Toyotas were able to score a 1-2-3, so it looks pretty much like both championships are lost now for us and the manufacturers’ as well, so there’s no reason for us to be happy with anything.

"So it’s the Acropolis result a kickback, but life is all about ups and downs. 

"We’re going to survive.

"We know that we were not able to win this rally this weekend, but a fourth place would have been possible and would have left us a little bit more chance and hopes for the championship.

"Unfortunately it didn’t happen so that’s when you realize that your chances are lost.

"It’s tough, but we won’t give up. 

"I still enjoy driving the car, and I will be there for a few more years, so at least that’s something we can confirm and look forward to".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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