Ogier - The drivers make the most difference than the cars

Sebastien Ogier finds funny the fact that there are discussions after every event which car is stronger and which team is in trouble advising people to appreciate the drivers' skills.

At Acropolis Rally Greece, Elfyn Evans and Thierry Neuville who is driving a Yaris and an i20 respectively have faced mechanical issued with their cars.

Evans had a gearbox issue during Stage 3 as he was driving only with the sixth gear. The problem showed when gear six was stuck at Stage 3 and Evans could not change to other gears while his dashboard showed the gears wrong. Moreover, he reported at the end of Stage 4 that he had a transmission issue as well and he had only the fourth gear available while he had not started on his scheduled time on this stage with the intention of repairing his car.

Moreover, a power steering issue showed up to Neuville after the end of Stage 3 and more specifically on tyre fitting zone where he left 24min late from that area, so he received a 4min time penalty. However, he found out that a pipe was broken and he managed to glue it before the start of Stage 5, but some electrical issues remained.


"It’s pretty funny that after every win there is always a discussion, like if Hyundai wins [the question is] ‘is Toyota in trouble’? If Toyota wins [then] ‘Toyota is strong’", he said.

"I think sometimes we should stop trying to put excuses into places or whatever and maybe appreciate even more the performance of the drivers, and the drivers make the most difference.

"This weekend one was clearly over everybody and it was Kalle, and he deserved his win very much with Jonne of course.

"Let’s see what happens on the next rally, then it’s Finland, but for me I believe that competition is super-close between these two cars.

"It’s true that Toyota is probably a little bit more reliable and we can count on it a bit more, but if you ask Elfyn this weekend he will not say the same after his gearbox issue!"

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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