Official: Katsuta confirms Johnston as his co-driver for Rally Finland

Takamoto Katsuta announced today via his social media that Aaron Johnston will be his new navigator for Rally Finland as Keaton Williams will not be alongside the first one for personal reasons.

The Japanese driver was forced to have new co-driver this season after Daniel Barritt was suffered from back injury at Rally Estonia and he must recover from that injury.

Therefore, Katsuta chose Williams to co-drive him at Ypres Rally Belgium and at Acropolis Rally Greece.

Unfortunately, Williams received an emergency call from his family and he had to leave from Greece and to return home, so Katsuta did not take part there eventually.

After Katsuta's post on Twitter, it is understood that Williams cannot be his co-driver for the next events due to his personal reasons, so Aaron Johnston will step up in Yaris.

Johnston had been co-driving Oliver Solberg since 2019, but they announced recently the end of their partnership, so the first one is available for the rest of this season and this was the reason why Katsuta chose him for Rally Finland.

"I will compete Rally Finland with Aaron Johnston!", Katsuta said.

"I’m so excited, we’ll do our best!!

"And I must say, thanks to Dan for your huge support behind us always".

Finally, he posted on his Twitter account about Williams's desicion not to compete with him: "Thank you very much Keaton Williams for the hard work with me!

"Life can be hard… 

"But I fully agree and respect your decision.

"I hope you will back in a rally car when everything is clear in the future!

"You are a great co-driver mate!

"Stay strong".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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