Fourmaux in control at Rally Spain

Adrien Fourmaux admits that he was in control during Rally Spain and he is being happy with his pace and his driving there looking forward to the season finale of WRC in Monza.

The French driver finished in 16th position overall setting the third fastest time in one stage of Rally Spain and he was being happy with the progress he made there as he mentioned that he was learning the set-up of his Fiesta.

However, he was forced to stop in Stage 11 to change a puncture after clipping an armco with the front left of his car.

After his tyre change, he was not able to restart his Fiesta and he had to lock the differentials after the communication he had with his mechanics, therefore he was able to continue in the stage dropping nine minutes there.

Finally, he worked on his Fiesta after the end of Stage 11 and he changed an steering arm while he removed the driveshaft on the road section before the start of Stage 12.

"Of course, this isn’t the result we expected, but the speed and the pace has been there for the whole weekend", Fourmaux said. 

"Even on the final day we set a third fastest time.

"I really felt there was a difference for me this weekend. 

"That difference was the confidence and the ability to be in control for all of the time – no hot moments and the pace notes and the gravel crew working really well.

"I’m really looking forward to Monza.

"It’s great to be working with this team and this car, it’s really nice to know there’s speed in the car.

"I remember Monza from last year and there were some very nice mountain stages which were quite similar to Spain. 

"The circuit is different, but I’m sure the pace can be good. 

"I’m going to take everything I learned in Spain and use it there".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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