Wydaeghe and Jarveoja concern for in-car heat after their test with the hybrid i20 N

Martijn Wydaeghe and Martin Jarveoja are worried about the in-car heat temperatures in hot rallies after their recent test with the hybrid Hyundai Rally1 car in Italy as they believe that this will be a challenge for all WRC crews next year.

WRC will enter to a new era in 2022 as it will switch to hybrid systems with FIA having decided new technical regulations for these cars.

Both Hyundai co-drivers are referring to the fact that the exhaust system will be located in the right side of the car which means that all crews will face high temperatures inside their car and and it will be very suffocating for them.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Wydaeghe and Jarveoja said previously that the co-driver seat would be uncomfortable in 2022 Rally1 cars as it will be located higher and it would be very unsafe for all navigators in case of an accident.

However, FIA wrote down that problem and fixed it as it decided that the new co-driver seats will be a little lower in comparison with their first decision.

"The exhaust is just passing on the right side of our legs in all new cars, so for Toyota and Ford it’s the same, and this is causing some massive heat", Wydaeghe said.

"Now we are almost in winter time so it’s quite cold outside, but if you go to Portugal or Sardinia or Kenya it will be a big challenge.

"But we have good engineers and I’m sure we can find some solutions for that, I hope".

For his side, Jarveoja stated: "I think the heat will be quite difficult in the hot rallies.

"Today when we are testing it’s quite cold outside but in the car it’s already quite hot, so let’s see".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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