Ogier pays tribute to his co-driver Ingrassia

Sebastien Ogier is being grateful for what he achieved together with Julien Ingrassia and he strongly believes that the last one was the key part of their success in WRC.

Ogier and Ingrassia will part ways at the end of this season after a 16-year partnership as the last one will end his co-drive career for personal reasons.

The pair clinched together seven titles in WRC and they are close to become WRC champions again this year as they are leading the current championship.

Ogier and Ingrassia started together their career in 2006 with a Peugeuot car in French events and they became members of the Citroen team in 2008 when they competed in Junior WRC.

Moreover, they joined the main team of Citroen in WRC in 2009 and they have changed many teams through the years [Citroen, Volkswagen, Toyota, M-Sport Ford] and they became WRC Champions with three different teams [M-Sport Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota].

Finally, it must be mentioned that the pair has won 53 WRC events and he has been in podium positions 90 times so far.

"Julien will end his career at the end of the year", Ogier said.

"I respect the decision 100%, while I will also ease up next year.

"We often mention the qualities of WRC drivers, but the co-driver is essential and Julien has been a key part of our success.

"Since my first steps in rallying and for 16 years, Julien has been there, we built up everything together, improved together, discovered the WRC and made our dreams come true…

"We reached more than we dared to dream, winning seven world champions titles so far! 

"Now we have two rallies to finish in style.

"Julien, to me there is no doubt: you are the best co-driver out there. 

"Who knows what my career would have been without you?

"A very big thank you for everything, I know what I owe you and it will not be possible to replace you. 

"I wish you all the best for the future, enjoy life."

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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