Fourmaux - Every corner in Finland was teaching me a lesson

Adrien Fourmaux admits that Rally Finland was a great lesson for his career calling it "huge rally for me".

The French driver competed for the first time in his WRC career at Rally Finland with a Rally1 car having finished seventh overall there.

He stayed out of troubles all the weekend having made some changes to the rear of his car before the start of SS17 and his 70-meter jump in Powerstage was just remarkable.

However, it is noteworthy that it was his second time in Finland and his first time was in 2018 when he competed with a Ford Fiesta Rally4 car.

"It was a huge rally for me", Fourmaux told 

"Two years ago I came here and I was driving a Rally4 car – now I’m in a World Rally Car! 

"I knew I had to make a lot of experience. 

"I had to get to the end with no mistakes and I have done that.

"Honestly, every corner was teaching me a lesson. 

"Every stage I came out of, I knew more and I understood more. 

"It’s true that it’s the time difference frustrating a little bit, but I am a competitor and I don’t like to lose. 

"This rally was the most different than any of the others".

Finally, he answered when he was asked about that jump on the Ruuhim√§ki Wolf Power Stage: "It was a nice jump. 

"I don’t know about the record, but it was flying nearly 70 metres. 

Inside the car it was all well, flying nicely – maybe it looked more dramatic from the outside".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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