Rally Spain - 2nd Day - 2nd Loop: Neuville remains in top as Fourmaux hits trouble

At the end of the second loop of the second day, Thierry Neuville extends his advantage over Elfyn Evans with Sebastien Ogier beating Dani Sordo for the third position.

Thierry Neuville is still leading Rally Spain after the second day setting the fastest time in Stage 10 and in 11. In fact he set an equal time with Ogier in Stage 11, but the last one was faster for some hundrenths of a second.

Elfyn Evans remains in second position overall and he was not able to decrease his gap from Neuville, because he was struggling with his Yaris as he mentioned at the end of Stage 10. Also, he said after Stage 12 that he had changed some things to his car in the afternoon service, but he went to the opposite direction. His gap from Neuville is from 9 to seconds.

Sebastien Ogier completes the top three and he made some changes to the set-up of his Yaris in afternoon service being happier with the behavior of his car. He set an equal time with Neuville in Stage 11 while he was the fastest driver in Stage 12. However, he dropped 5,7 seconds in Stage 13 as his Yaris stalled.

Dani Sordo remains fourth and he was slower than Ogier in the three first stages. Their gap is only at 1,2 seconds.

Kalle Rovanpera completes the top five slowing down his pace after Fourmaux's problem as he has a comfortable margin from the sixth position. Moreover, he made a mistake in Stage 10 as he went off the road after a corner and he was running in the grass.

Oliver Solberg follows Rovanpera and he faced a problem with the clunch as it did not work and he tried not to stall the i20 during Stage 13.

Gus Greensmith climbed to seventh position overall after his puncture in Stage 9 despite the fact that he has been distracted in Stage 12 by a warning light which was flashing in the dashboard. He explained at the end of this stage that there was one of the sensors which was controlling the cooling package, so he had to monitor the temperatures during SS12.

Nil Solans dropped one place at the end of Stage 11 and he is now eighth overall, but he had a spin in the last stage of the day.

Adrien Fourmaux dropped from sixth place to outside the top ten as he stopped in Stage 11 to change the front left wheel after clipping an armco. However, when stepped in his Fiesta he could not move and he dropped almost nine minutes there. He made his car moving again after locking the diffs. Moreover, he stopped on the road section before the start of Stage 12 to check his car and he made some changes. Specifically, he changed a steering arm and he removed the driveshaft. He started in his scheduled time in Stage 12, but he was driving slowly there.

Takamoto Katsuta is still outside the top ten as he received time penalty for restarting today under the regulations of Rally2.

Watch below the stage times:

Watch below the overall classification after SS13:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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