Camilli desires to return in WRC2 for season 2022

Eric Camilli expresses his wish to return in WRC2 category next year for at least five events with the intention of fighting for the WRC2 title and of his getting back in WRC while he reveals that he is already in discussions with Citroen for 2022.

The French driver had competed in WRC with M-Sport back in 2016 with his best career result being the fifth position at Rally Portugal while he is mainly competing in WRC2 category.

He has taken part in WRC2 category with several R5 cars including Ford Fiesta R5, Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 and Citroen C3 R5 having won three times in this category.

However, he competed in three events in WRC2 category this year and he won Rally Spain while he participated in French Championship as well.

Finally, it must be mentioned that he had worked on the development of Toyota Yaris WRC with Toyota Motorsport and he had completed development tests with Volkswagen Motorsport, Citroen Racing and M-Sport for its Rally2 cars.

"Spain showed that I still have the speed", Camilli said.

"I took a lot of seat time doing the French championship this year and that helped when I stepped back to the WRC in Spain. 

"The last couple of seasons have been tough ones.

"The 2020 season started well with ninth place and fastest Rally2 in Monte Carlo, but then everything changed with the pandemic and I did only one more event in 2020. 

"Spain helped me show people I’m still here. 

"Now I want to move forwards from that.

"I believe WRC2 will be really competitive next season. 

"Just look at the names competing there now with people like Andreas and Mads.

"If I can get five rallies next year then that could be the base for a really good season. 

"The important thing is for me to take at least five rallies which are really competitive – places like Portugal and Sardinia, where you know all of the competition will be there and a win will be really worth a lot.

"Of course, I’m talking with Citro├źn for next season, but nobody has the budget finally decided yet, so we need to keep working.

"I have done a lot of work with a lot of teams and I know I have more I can do. 

"My aim is to get back to the top class in the world championship. 

"I know this is tough, I know a lot of other drivers want the same, but I know I’m capable of it with good experience now".


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