Ingrassia about his future plans after his retirement from WRC

Julien Ingrassia wants to remain involved in WRC in another way transmitting his experience to the young co-drivers and helping FIA in sporting regulations while he completely closes the door on co-driving again in the future.

The French co-driver started his career in 2002 and he has been co-driving Sebastien Ogier since 2006 winning together seven WRC titles while they are close to become Champions again this season.

The pair has won 53 times in WRC and has finished 90 times in the podium positions while Ingrassia has 167 starts total in WRC without counting the upcoming Rally Monza.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Ingrassia revealed earlier this week that he almost parted way with Ogier in 2008 as Citroen wanted the last one to have an experienced co-driver alongside him.

"It’s time for me to do something else", Ingrassia said.

"I would like to transmit the experience I had over all these years to new teams, new crews, and to the sport itself. 

"In which way I will do it, that’s still a bit of a question mark and I am still thinking about it. 

"We are not alone to do this championship and, at least as a human experience, it would be nice for me to be the other side of the curtain.

"I am thinking there are plenty of things that can still be improved in our sport. 

"In safety, in promotion, in sporting regulation and in the format, obviously with the new energy that we are going to use in the future. 

"We are living in a world that is progressing very fast - we know that. 

"If we can have a bit more safety, more simplicity and a bit more fun also at one point, I am sure it will bring performance and a smile. 

"I guess we are all doing this to be happy, so let’s try.

"I will not co-drive any more. 

"We all know that in life it is difficult to never say never, but my plans are nothing this way. 

"I guess I will stick to it. 

"It has been almost 20 years that I have been co-driving. 

"It’s an amazing adventure that I had the luxury and chance to live, because there are few on this planet who reach this level and have a salary about it.

"I want to stop with a big smile on my face, watching back over my shoulder and saying ‘wow, what a journey’".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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