Fourmaux wishes Loeb to be in M-Sport Ford for 2022

Adrien Fourmaux desires to have Sebastien Loeb as his teammate in M-Sport Ford for next season revealing that they have been talking to the phone throughout this season.

The nine-time World Rally Champion is still in discussions with M-Sport Ford for a partial programme in 2022 while he has already completed two tests with Ford Puma.

The first test was held in the tarmac roads of Spain on October while he did his second test with the Puma in France one week ago.

However, it is tipped that Loeb will participate in next season's Rallye Monte Carlo with the fourth car of M-Sport Ford, but he will have a new co-driver alongside him as his former co-driver, Daniel Elena, announced his full retirement from WRC.

"I’ll try to be close to him just to have his experience and his feeling with the car and how to be the fastest", Fourmaux said.

"It’s not only on the stages, we have a lot of work to do outside. 

"And it would be interesting to work with him.

"We are on the phone sometimes, so it’s quite good, it’s interesting.

"The first time I called him really was in Kenya, because he did Kenya before and I asked him what was his advice for the rally.

"It was all these types of things where I’m like ‘heya, can you just give me all the information’. 

"So we started that, and on the rallies also.

"For sure he has a lot of experience and can help just for the set-up of the car and to know what direction we need for Monte so it’s definitely a good thing if he’s coming".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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