Hyundai Motorsport not to offer hybrid i20N Rally1 cars to privateers

The team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Andrea Adamo, says that the hybrid i20N Rally1 car will not come to the market for a private use by customers due to the fact that the team got left behind in its preparations for 2022 and due to the high cost of these cars.

The Korean team started its preparations for next season later than its main rivals, M-Sport Ford and Toyota, as it waited to receive the green light from the factory of Hyundai in Korea to renew its agreement with WRC Promoter and with FIA for 2022, therefore it was the only WRC team ehich started testing the 2022 Rally1 car later than it was expected.

The World Rally Championship will enter to a new era next year as it will switch into hybrid and it must be mentioned that the supply company for the hybrid kits, Compact Dynamics, was not punctual to deliveries as it delayed to deliver the hybrid kits to the WRC teams and in fact there were some technical issues with them.

"In Rally1 I can exclude private cars now", Adamo said.

"We are a bit behind the others and I have to focus to make the factory cars proper.

"It’s not my plan to rent cars. It’s part of somebody else’s plan.

"These cars are costing me much more than a current car, so I cannot see a customer being able to pay this money. 

"I hardly see somebody being able to manage these cars".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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