Opel pushes FIA for full electric involvement in WRC

The head of Opel Motorsport, Jorg Schrott, says that the German brand is interested in producing full electric Rally5 cars if FIA decides to create a dedicated category only for electric racing cars revealing that they are already thinking the second generation of Corsa-E.

Opel Motorsport has founded a special series which is named ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup and the competitors of this series are driving an electric Corsa in several countries.

Moreover, it must be mentioned that Renault as well is pushing FIA for electric switch in WRC by 2025 as it wants to be involved in World Rally Championship if it goes full electric.

"We are already thinking about the second generation of those cars but for that, it’s also important that we will get international level eRally5 regulations, which can create more opportunities for participants running the Corsa-E in the future", Schrott said to DirtFish.

"We presented the concept now two or three times to the FIA and there is really big interest.

"We are here really for the FIA. 

"There were with some scrutineers visiting one of our events in Germany, checking all the guidelines and all the rules. 

"So they know we are here as a frontrunner and they are really thinking about how to make this happen as soon as possible".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Opel

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