Neuville - Simulation test was a helpful experience

Thierry Neuville believes that the simulation test with the hybrid prototype car was a helpful experience in adapting to next year's WRC cars while he describes the issues he faced during his test.

The Belgian driver drove the Hyundai hybrid prototype car in Italy earlier this week and he was the first Hyundai driver who completed the test with this car as Ott Tanak and Dani Sordo followed him.

Specifically, he ran 698 Kilometers total with the prototype car of the Korean team and his test included 144 Km of stages, 554 Km of road sections and 7,7 Km of an electric power zone.

"We had a steering issue in the morning, a connection from the steering, and I couldn’t restart the car as the buttons were not working, but once we fixed that we carried on", Neuville said. 

"We ran out of fuel once and other than that we had no issues in the afternoon. 

"In the last five stages I had to reset the hybrid kit once, and it was a quick reset and then we were off again.

"We started early and we finished quite late but it was a very helpful experience, especially to have three different stages on one day to experience the hybrid. 

"When you drive the same road all day it is difficult to get a good feeling, here we were testing three different stages.

"We are getting better with the extra hybrid boost and in the afternoon it was working quite nice, so it is a good step.”

"The car is not so bad. 

"It is an evolution on what we have now in terms of chassis. 

"All the complaints we have with the current chassis, they are not all solved and there are some new problems as well, but the main things we are asking for have been solved.

"I can feel that the chassis has a lot of potential.

"We still have an evolution of the car coming. 

"It should be better".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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