The lesson Fourmaux learned from his crash at Rally Monza

Adrien Fourmaux is talking about the crash he had at last weekend's Rally Monza following by the wrong tyre choise he made on Friday morning.

The French driver chose two hard and four soft compound tyres for the morning loop of the first day of Rally Monza and he was the only driver who took soft tyres.

The tyre problems started on Stage 2 as he said at the end of this stage that his Fiesta had been moving a lot because of the soft tyres.

In the next one stage, he ran wide on a slippery left-hander, hit the banking on the outside and rolled his Fiesta.

After this incident, he was not able to continue in Stage 3 as he went off the road, but he managed to restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2 as his car had slight body damage.

"It was the wrong tire choice so I tried to save a bit of time loss on SS3 and cross the tires but it was definitely not the correct tire choice because I was overheating the soft", Fourmaux said.

"The hard gave me the precision, but I was just a bit too wide with the softs on the front and yeah, we hit the bank.

"The best choice was with four hards, definitely.

"The car was moving a lot when we were crossing. 

"It was for me front-left, rear-right so all the right corners the car was precise and reaction and the left was slow. 

"In this one, the car was slow.”

"For sure it was a really good lesson for me to try the tires and for the future it’s the best.

"OK it’s a shame that there’s damage on the car but at least I know now how it goes with the tires crossed and with this condition also.

"I tried the soft, I was sure that on the damp we will make a time gap but it showed that the gap between the soft and the hard was not so big on a damp condition, but on the dry it’s a big step definitely".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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