Solberg did not want Rally Monza to come to an end

Oliver Solberg admits that his desire was Rally Monza to carry on after his having good feeling inside his car and his ability to fight with his teammates throughout the weekend.

The young star of Hyundai took part in last week's Rally Monza with the i20 Coupe WRC of the private team 2C Competition and he achieved his best result in his WRC career so far which is the fifth position overall.

Moreover, Solberg participated in Monza with a new co-driver who was the fourth for this season.

His co-driver for the last round of this year's Championship was Elliott Edmondson who navigated Gus Greensmith and Andreas Mikkelsen this season in WRC and in WRC2 category respectively.

"I want to carry on", Solberg said. 

"When you have a car like the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, you just don’t want to stop driving it. 

"This has been such a cool, such a fantastic week.

"This rally is actually quite complicated because you go from driving the cars out there in the mountains and then we come to the circuit where it’s much more technical, so many more junctions and always turning and you have to really change the driving style. 

"You have to be completely precise.

"We used some of the gravel roads in the circuit and this is also a lot of fun – this was reminding me of when I was competing in rallycross.

"We made more progress and took more experience from this rally. 

"Some people were asking me what was the difference between this event and the one before where we were not so high up.

"The answer is that we went faster! 

"I was never in Spain before, but I competed on this rally last year and I had some experience of the stages.

"I think the speed we had was good here. 

"To be able to fight with my team-mates was more than I was expecting, to be honest".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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