Interview with Andreas Mikkelsen

Andreas Mikkelsen, one of the most talked about and talented names in WRC, accepted the invitation of WRC Fanatix and answered all our questions without hesitation.

Q: Hello Andreas! First of all, I want to thank you for the interview and of course for your time! To begin with, how would you describe this season so far?

A: My season so far has been up and down. We have showed a lot of good speed. In Monte Carlo we were lying third when I made a mistake. In Sweden we were 4th. It was an ok rally, we were second most of the rally, but I lost it towards the end. In Mexico we were leading, and I made a mistake, we hit a stone and had to retire. Corsica I didn’t do, Argentina we were second. Chile was a terrible rally for us, no confidence from my side. Portugal I didn’t do, And then Sardinia was great, we were third and showing very good speed on the last day.


Q: You competed in Estonia recently and you made it to finish second behind Ott Tanak. What will you keep from that event?


A: Doing Estonia was great, it was good preparation before Finland and getting used to the high speed. The surface is a bit different, but anyway it was good.


Q: You are almost two years in Hyundai and all the drivers of Hyundai are complaining about the car. According to your statements after every stage, it is difficult for you to find pace with the car. What is the real problem with the car?


A: If we really knew it would be very easy to change it. The car is working really well in most of the terrain we are driving. It’s only in some terrains it is difficult to drive. I cannot put my finger on anything special, it can be different things. But in general we are struggling a bit when it’s fast, flowing and slippery surface. When it is better grip and maybe rougher our car is hard to beat, it is really fast!


Q: A number of people were shocked when they heard that Andrea Adamo would drop you for some events and I can’t hide you that I was shocked, too. What was your reaction when you heard that news?


A: Of course I was disappointed and I was surprised. Maybe not so much for Corsica, because I struggled on tarmac last year. But I was already better for Monte this year. But for Portugal it felt worse, as that is one of my strongest rallies. Then it was hard to stay at home.

Q: The upcoming event is in almost one week which is Rally Finland and Hyundai has never been in the podium positions there due to the set-up of the car. Did you manage to solve that problem?

A: We have done testing here in Finland and we have done Estonia, we have some updates on the car. I think we have made some improvements from last year, and I really think we will be more on the pace.

Q: Your contract with Hyundai expires at the end of 2019. Have you already started the negotiations for 2020?

A:  We do not comment on this!

Q: The WRC calendar for 2020 will be announced in August and maybe we will see the return of Rally Safari or Rally Japan. Which one of the two events do you want to compete in and why?

A: Both, if I could choose! Safari rally has so much history, we have seen images and videos and it looks very amazing. Japan will be completely new on tarmac. I welcome both!

Q: Before we close our discussion, do you want to say something to your Greek supporters?

A: There are always many things you want to say to fans whenever they are in the world, but especially for the Greeks; I miss Acropolis Rally, and I miss the fans! It would be lovely to see the Greek fans along the stage at another rally!

Photo Credits: Hyundai Motorsport

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