Interview with Mads Ostberg

Mads Ostberg, an experienced driver in the WRC, accepted our invitation and answered all the questions we asked him.

Q: Hello Mads! First of all, I want to thank you for the interview and of course for your time! To begin with, would you like to explain us why they call you Mad Mads?

A: Because of my sideways driving in the early days. 

Q: How would you describe the season 2018? 

A: A lot of insecurities for me, with promises of only one rally at the start of the season. In the end it proved to be a really good season for me with good results and a couple of podiums.

Q: How did you feel when Pierre Budar contacted with you last year and said to you that he had wanted you back in the team for the rest of 2018?

A: I was really happy and it was good to see that my dedication and hard work paid off. WRC isn’t just a job, it’s my dream. 

Q: Pierre Budar said that you would have had a third car if you would pay for it. Could you explain what is the true story behind his statement?

A: I don’t know. We never talked about that. 

Q: Unfortunately, you couldn’t secure your seat in Citroen and you are now out of WRC competition. Do you feel a little deprived in comparison with other drivers? 

A: Of course, I’m disappointed – but I really don’t dwell on that. My focus is getting back in the WRC as soon as possible.

Q: We heard recently that you will compete in WRC2 Pro with a Citroen C3 R5? What is your goal for this season? 

A: The goal is to bring the first WRC2 victory home to Citroen Racing. We’ll focus on developing a winning car, and aim for the top at any surface. 

Q: You tested recently the Citroen C3 WRC in Barcelona. Does this mean that you are now a development driver for Citroen? 

A: No. But when they ask for my expertise I will help in any way I can, and of course take any chance to have some mileage in the Citroen C3 WRC.

Q: Except WRC2, in which other events you will take part in this year? 

A: In addition to WRC2-PRO, I will try to do some Norwegian rallies – like Rally Hadeland in the Norwegian championship next week. I will drive Otago rally in New Zealand, and a European rally that will be announced later. I hope to drive as much as possible, so if good opportunities appear, I will consider it. 

Q: Everyone in WRC knows that you have a lot of experience in Rally Acropolis. What would you keep of your participation in this event? 

A: It’s one of my favourites. Besides being a great event I really love Greece and go there on vacation with my family. Also, a great fan of the Greek cuisine, and the friendly people there. 

Q: Are you receiving many messages from your Greek fans? Also, do you want to tell something to your Greek fans before we close our discussion? 

A: I feel a lot of support from Greek fans and thank you for supporting me still even though its been some years since my last event in Greece.

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