Neuville about his test crash with the Hyundai Rally1 car

Thierry Neuville is talking about the accident he had during his tests with the hybrid i20N in Alsace saying that FIA has done incredible job in safety.

The Belgian driver was in Alsace last week to test the 2022 Rally1 car of Hyundai for Rallye Monte Carlo, but his test completed with a crash as the car ended up in a river and was heavily damaged to the roof and to the chassis.

From this incident, his co-driver, Martijn Wydaeghe, was injured in his collarbone and he underwent a successful surgery with the intention of being fit before the start of next season's Rallye Monte Carlo.

In fact the crew was transferred to the local hospital for further examination, but they released from the hospital at night of that day.

"Basically we had very challenging conditions and we were testing some new things on the car", Neuville said.

"We just got caught by surprise and we went straight under braking and there was nothing we could do and there was a big drop 30 metres deep just behind the corner. 

"We fell down that drop basically.

"There was no reason for me to be scared. 

"However it was a big impact definitely the crash was small but the drop was very big.

"We walked away from it but Martijn got injured a little bit collarbone but other than that nothing.

"We have already mentioned before that on the safety side that it looks like the FIA has done an incredible job again and they continue to push for more safety.

"The construction of the new cars is completely different.

"From that point of view it is another big step forward and it probably saved us as well. 

"The drop was quite deep and the safety cage did its job".


Photo Credits: Hyundai Motorsport

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