Official: Andersson to continue co-driving Greensmith in 2022

Gus Greensmith will retain Jonas Andersson as his co-driver for all 13 events of next season's World Rally Championship.

Andersson joined Greensmith for Rally Monza this year after Chris Patterson's retirement at the end of Rally Spain and it was unsure if the first one will continue navigating the M-Sport driver in 2022.

The Swedish co-driver had been alongside Mads Ostberg, Pontus Tidemand and Ole Christian Veiby in the past and 2022 season will be his seventh full season in WRC.

"It’s all agreed for next year now", Greensmith said.

"It was surprising for me how well it went but more so in the way he hadn’t delivered English pacenotes for a very, very long time.

"So that was the main concern because we all agreed that compared to the personality character fit with Chris he was the best option, most similar, so that’s what kind of drew us to him and obviously for his age it’s kind of mental how much he’s done in the WRC.

"But then literally after the first morning, probably stage three, that’s when it was basically flowing as well as it did with Chris in terms of the pacenotes being delivered and from that point on, it was never an issue which was kind of the big, big question we had to answer.

"So yeah, we were happy with that.

"We said to each other pretty much the Sunday night of the event that we both really enjoyed the weekend and the event together.

"And that was the thing, it was a good laugh in the car but then again it was also very serious and we were trying to get the best out of what we could.

"So I think we pretty quickly both agreed that we would want to carry this on for next year".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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