Neuville to test the Rally1 car of Hyundai on Wednesday

Thierry Neuville will continue his preparations with the hybrid i20N for Rallye Monte Carlo after the crash he had in France on December 4th.

Hyundai Motorsport was in France earlier this month to start its preparations for the WRC season opener and this test would last six days.

Ott Tanak and Oliver Solberg were the two first drivers who tested the new car and Neuville's turn was on December 4th.

Neuville and Wydaeghe spent some time inside their new car that day, but their test had to be cancelled as they went off the road resulting in ending up in a river.

From this crash, Wydaeghe was injured in his collarbone and he underwent a successful surgery with the aim to be fit for next season while the car was heavily damaged to the roof and to the chassis.

The Korean team had to interrupt its test schedule as it had only one chassis ready for this test which could not be repaired by Hyundai mechanics in time after Neuville's and Wydaeghe's crash.

However, Hyundai mechanics fixed the damaged chassis now and Hyundai rescheduled Neuville's test with the i20N for tomorrow.

This test will be held at Hyundai's private site close to Frankfurt and it is expected that Wydaeghe will not be there as he is still recovering from his surgery.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Hyundai will move back to French Alps to continue its preparations for Rallye Monte Carlo after the initial Germany test.


Photo Credits: Hyundai Motorsport

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