Ogier predicts a challenging beginning of 2022 season with the new cars

Sebastien Ogier expects more uncertainty than ever with the hybrid WRC cars at the beginning of next year admitting that these cars are slower than the last generation of WRCars.

WRC enters to a new era in 2022 as it will switch into hybrid and the new cars will be provided with an additional 100kW power from an electric motor.

Moreover, this e-motor will be fitted to current 1.6L turbocharged inline-4 engine and the hybrid boost will be used when drivers are driving around the service park and when they are driving between the stages.

Finally, drivers are free to use this e-motor for additional power in specific stages with FIA dictating how much power can be used and how long a driver can deploy it.

"I think in the early weeks of the season reliability can play a bigger role because these cars are very new and we see that every test big progress is being made", Ogier said.

"It is possible compared to the last season that it could play a bigger role, but I'm confident that the team are going to work hard and succeed in making this car evolve in performance and in reliability.

"We have to be honest going to Monte Carlo there is a huge question marks for everybody and more uncertainty than ever I believe.

"I think you have to be honest it is a step back in terms of performance, the cars are slower and heavier and the technical regulation making quite a bit more limitations in many ways.

"But for me the most important as long as everyone is racing the same material it will make for an exciting competition.

"I'm also confident the car will quickly progress and I think we have seen in the last generation of WRC cars, they are not as fast as they are now at the end of 2021, compared to 2017 when they came out. 

"I really believe it will be the same process with these cars.

"When the boost is there, for sure it is fun. 

"We all like to have power and it has been enjoyable discovering that. 

"The truth is it is not there all the time and generally we have to be honest we are slower than we have been the last year.

"I think there is still some progress to be done and it is going to be exciting to follow how it improves, but at the end the interesting challenge is to adapt as soon as you can and progress faster than the others".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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