Loeb faces complications with Red Bull for more WRC events in 2022

Sebastien Loeb reveals that his plan for now is to do Rallye Monte Carlo and he will be in discussions with Red Bull for more outings in the World Rally Championship of 2022 after the end of this weekend's race.

The participation of Loeb in Monte Carlo was uncertain due to the fact that Red Bull is the main sponsor of him and of Adrien Fourmaux which meant that the Austrian brand faced some financial difficulties to sponsor these two drivers for Rallye Monte Carlo.

However, both of them managed to come to an agreement with Red Bull for the WRC season opener in Monte Carlo, but Loeb desires to compete in four of five rallies this year.

"Honestly at the base the plan was to do more rallies, but finally we decided the negotiation was a bit complicated, not especially about me but sponsors and things like this so we decided first to go for one rally and for the rest we will speak later", Loeb said.

"So I have no idea if we will do some more or not.

"We only speak about one, we will speak about more rallies and this and that later. 

"It was too complex to put together all the programme in one time, the rest we discuss later".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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