Neuville asks from Hyundai to change for the better after the disastrous Rallye Monte Carlo

Thierry Neuville is asking from Hyundai to improve its performance in the upcoming events of the 2022 World Rally Championship and is referring to the Powerstage of Rallye Monte Carlo.

The Korean team scored only 13 points in Monte Carlo and is in third position in manufacturers' championship.

More specifically, Neuville was the only Hyundai driver who managed to get to the finish of Rallye Monte Carlo despite the brake and suspension issues while Ott Tanak and Oliver Solberg retired.

Tanak suffered from two punctures on Saturday stages and was forced to retire from the event as the Hyundai mechanics detected an issue with his i20N after the spin he had in Stage 11.

On the other side, Solberg was forced not to continue his race at the end of the first stage on Sunday due to the fact that he and his co-driver, Elliott Edmondson, did not feel well as they were inhaling fuel fumes since the first stage of Friday.

"I gave it everything, and I really was disappointed when I saw the time on the board because I knew that I had taken every risk I could on the stage just to be able to take the five points for the powerstage win, but unfortunately we saw that it was maybe not a very realistic target", Neuville said.

"Usually with a drive like that it should have been clearly the fastest time.

"We are trying to motivate everybody as much as we can and continue pushing.

"I clearly see that the willing is there, so that’s important, but we need a change. 

"We can’t carry on with where we have left off last year, so we need to react quickly and we need to be much stronger for the upcoming events.

"It’s up to the team to react as fast as possible.

"Clearly we have to be on the point in Sweden already. 

"We can’t afford another weekend like this if we want to fight for the championship and that’s clearly my goal and that’s why Hyundai has engaged me as well to work for the team, but I need the tools to do it".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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