Neuville not 100% prepared for Rallye Monte Carlo

Thierry Neuville says that he is not fully prepared for this weekend's Rallye Monte Carlo due to the fact that the cars are new and he does not know what to expect from i20 behavior.

The Belgian driver have spent plenty of time inside his new car as he completed many kilometers with the i20.

However, he had a big accident during his test last month which forced Hyundai to postpone his test program, because the chassis was damaged.

His final test with the i20 ahead of Rallye Monte Carlo was last week and thankfully Martijn Wydaeghe returned to his co-driving seat after the successful collarbone surgery he had last month after their test crash in Alsace.

"I can’t say that we are 100% prepared but on the last test I felt reasonably comfortable in the car and to drive in a good rhythm", Neuville answered to Colin Clark when he was asked how prepared he was.

“I don’t think we are ready yet to push straight away from the beginning but the target is to improve on the settings and get more feeling with the car.

"There are so many situations we’ve never discovered with the car. 

"We don’t know its behavior, we need to get more familiar with the car.

"We are ready to start the season but we don’t know how ready we are to fight immediately for stage wins from the start of the rally.

"But we don’t know how ready the others are. 

"We could be the most ready, like we were five years ago".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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