Tanak pays credits to Hyundai's efforts off-season

Ott Tanak praises the work that Hyundai had done off the season admitting that his team has done everything it could to be ready for 2022 season.

The Korean team was the last WRC team which started its preparations for the new hybrid car as it waited to receive the green light from the head office of Hyundai which is located in Korea.

After Hyundai committed to World Rally Championship for many years, it started to prepare its new car for this season and in fact it was the first WRC team which uncovered its car during the tests.

"The team has done the maximum", Tanak said.

"They have been flat out through all of the weekends and through all of the holidays. 

"It’s not just about paying credit to their efforts it’s about the amazing job they have done with the car.

"We have done everything we could and the guys have even done sometimes a bit more than the reality allows. 

"Now we have one test session left before Monte and we will take the best we can out of that.

"OK, I guess you can always be in a better position – it’s the same for everybody – but honestly the team has done everything".

Finally, he is reffering to the fact that the team does not have a team principal yet: "People are missing the principal here in the team.

"The things are critical with many new things and it’s important to have somebody like Adamo who is pushing the doors. 

"People are working flat out here and that’s why the team principal is needed.

"I know the guys from Korea are working flat out on this topic, let’s see soon".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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