Breen and Nagle receive a fine for sporting regulations breach in Stage 2 of Rally Sweden

The stewards of Rally Sweden have given a fine to Craig Breen and to Paul Nagle after breaking the FIA's sporting regulations in Stage 2 at Rally Sweden.

More specifically, the stewards examined the evidence for this breach by checking onboard videos and data from the FIA Safety tracking device and decided to give a 2.000-euro fine to Breen and to Nagle which have to pay it jointly.

The incident happened after the exit the crew had in Stage 2 of Rally Sweden where Nagle pressed the button SOS which is for emergency call in case of a medical issue.

The Irish crew were on stewards' office and Nagle supported that firstly he pressed the OK button and after that the 'Road blocked->NO' button and he never pressed the SOS button.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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