Breen distracted by the windscreen washer in Stage 2 of Rally Sweden

Craig Breen reveals that he was distracted by the windscreen washer in Stage 2 of Rally Sweden which led him to his exit and his retirement from the rest of Friday stages.

The Irish driver did two mistakes in Stage 2 of Rally Sweden with the second one being more serious.

The first one happened when he overcooked a right-hander and ran into a snow bank resulting in damaging the front left of his Ford Puma Rally 1, but he managed to get going again.

But the second incident was more serious as he had gone off into another snow bank resulting in being stuck on snow.

After this incident, the Stage 2 was red flaged for three drivers [Thierry Neuville, Takamoto Katsuta, Gus Greensmith] who received a notional time for this stage.

Finally, it must be mentioned that M-Sport mechanics managed to remove all the snow from the engine of Breen's car, therefore he could restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2.

"Yeah just a bit of a disaster really", Breen said.

"On the second one, quite close to the start I touched a snowbank with the rear and we got wedged in between the two snowbanks. 

"I managed to get out of that but unfortunately for some reason every time I braked after that the windscreen washer was spraying water constantly on the screen all the time, to the point it started to freeze.

"And later in the stage, just down a fast section downhill over a couple of bumps I just got a little bit caught out not being able to see properly and just put off by everything and yeah, got properly stuck in a snowbank. 



Photo Credits: M-Sport

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