FIA already looking for the next future WRC cars starting from 2025

FIA is already in discussions with WRC Promoter for the next generation cars of WRC which will start from 2025.

The sporting and the technical regulations of hybrid Rally1 cars which are currently running will expire at the end of 2024 and FIA is already looking for their replacements.

The current Rally1 cars use an internal combustion engine 1.6L in combination with an electric motor with their total output being over 500 hp.

In addition, they are using a fossil-free fuel and it must be mentioned that these engines are referring as BEV (=Battery Electric Vehicle) while the drivers must use the hybrid unit around the Service Parks, in the road sections between the stages and in specific stage sections where the cars are using three different maps.

However, the car industry will invest in other sustainable technology including hydrogen gas, liquid hydrogen, hybrid, EV, sustainable fossil-free fuels, e-fuel and 100% synthetic fuel.

"One of the things I’ve already said to the promoter is that we need to start thinking now about the next car", Robert Reid said who is the FIA president deputy sport.

"We need to make sure that we continue to make steps and this is a good step that we’re making now.

"I would probably say yeah, we are a few years behind where we would have wanted to be but I don’t think the house is burning down.

"Let’s see where the manufacturers want to go. 

"A lot of the industry, probably driven by political decisions as much as anything, is going EV.

"I think there’s a huge opportunity for the FIA and for motorsport in general to be the testbed for lots of different solutions.

"We’ve got hydrogen gas, liquid hydrogen, hybrid, EV, sustainable fossil-free fuels, e-fuel, 100% synthetic fuel that is possible today – although is expensive, but that will come down in price – so we’ve got lots of different options and solutions for lots of different problems".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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