Solberg keeps the positives from Rallye Monte Carlo despite his retirement

Oliver Solberg is looking on the bright side of things after his retirement from Rallye Monte Carlo and is talking about his and Elliott Edmondson's health.

The young star of Hyundai was forced to retire after the end of Stage 14 on Sunday due to the fact that he and Edmondson did not feel well.

More specifically, Solberg stated at the end of the first stage on Friday that there was smoke inside his i20N which was fuel fumes.

Despite the fact that there were service sections, this problem continued to exist and in fact Solberg stated that he felt dizziness andchest pain.

Due to the fact that he and Edmondson were inhaling exhaist fumes since Friday morning, Hyundai decided to withdraw the car after the end of Stage 14 as the pair did not feel well.

However, it must be mentioned that Solberg managed to set the highest speed in Monte Carlo as he ran with 200,1 Km/h.

"We unfortunately only did SS14 and it was a nice stage, but we were not in a shape to continue", Solberg said.

"It was quite tough conditions and me and my co-driver felt bad after the stage, so we did not want to take the risk to continue and the team basically decided to pull us out, so we went back to Monte Carlo to relax. 

"We went to the hospital and did some checks and everything was fine. 

"It has been a very tough weekend and a long weekend. 

"On Saturday night we were in a very bad shape so we just need to be careful for a few days. 

"It has been a positive weekend in many ways and very important for the team and an important weekend for me. 

"We have learned a lot and experienced a lot and we have a lot to take from this event with some good splits and good stage times, so there is always some positives to take".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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