M-Sport Ford eyes to secure Loeb for four more outings in 2022

The boss of M-Sport, Malcolm Wilson, admits that he wants Sebastien Loeb to compete in four more rallies this season with the Ford Puma Rally1 car and he is referring to the last one's triumph in Monte Carlo.

Sebastien Loeb took part in Rallye Monte Carlo with the fourth Ford Puma Rally1 car and he managed to claim his 80th win in his WRC career there.

The nine-time World Rally Champion was leading the event at the end of the second day, but he lost his advantage over Sebastien Ogier on Saturday, so the last one was in the top of the overall classification at the end of that day.

However, Loeb managed to take back the lead of the event as Ogier suffered from a puncture on the penultimate stage while he received a 10-second time penalty in Powerstage due to the jump start he did at the beginning of that stage.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Loeb was in Saudi Arabia, as he took part in Dakar Rally which was held from January 1-14, and came to Monte Carlo directly after the end of that race.

"Four events is what we’re aiming at and that’s all I can tell you right now.", Wilson said.

"We’re working on everything at the moment.

"Obviously, Sweden’s not one of them and he’s said himself that it’s a no to Croatia. 

"Let’s see what we can do, but the one thing is sure – we’re very much looking forward to seeing him and Isabelle back with us.

"What Séb did in Monte-Carlo was so, so impressive.

"When you sit back and think about everything, it’s even better. 

"To think he’s been away from the event for a year, he’d come in from the Dakar Rally without much time in the car and with a co-driver he’d never competed with at WRC level…

"I came close to signing Séb back in 2005 and I can now understand and see what we missed. 

"He’s something very special. 

"From the first time he sat in the prototype car, he was really comfortable and happy with the car and that’s never changed.

"Do you know, during the event, even though the conditions changed a little bit, he didn’t make one change to the car’s set-up. 


"Not even a suspension click. 

"That’s probably one of the most impressive things about him".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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