Tanak sees potential on Hyundai i20N Rally1 despite reliability issues

Ott Tanak believes that Hyundai i20N Rally1 car has plenty of potential despite the Monte problems his team faced admitting that the engineers are working very hard to solve these problems.

The Estonian driver did not get to the finish of Rallye Monte Carlo as he was forced to retire following an engine issue the Hyundai mechanics detected on Saturday night after the first one's impact in Stage 11 where he had a spin.

However, Tanak reported an engine issue at the end of Stage 1 while he lost the hydraulics of his car in Stage 2.

In addition to these problems, he got an issue with the hybrid unit after the second corner of Stage 4 which costed him time. 

"Let’s say when the conditions were a bit more tricky, actually our pace was not so bad", Tanak said.

"It was possible to compare ourselves to other teams, and we were competitive. 

"It’s just on high-grip we were a bit behind, but we were also carrying our different issues so we were definitely not in full performance mode.

"I think the key at the moment is to get rid of all the issues we are having, all the small things we are carrying, and when we get rid of this then we could see actually where we are.

"I’m pretty sure the potential for this car, in just pure performance, is there. 

"The car will be fast. 

"But we just need to get it ready, that we can focus 100% on the performance.

"From my side, everything is possible, for sure they are trying.

"The guys were really pushing hard. 

"The engineers and the mechanics especially, spending all the night, and it was not only the last weeks, it was all the last months pushing to get the first car ready, pushing to get to the first test and pushing to get cars ready for the rally and things like this.

"Everything was really, really late but still it was important to get the cars ready in Monte, we got here".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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