What Tanak/Lappi/Evans answered to WRC Fanatix ahead of Rally Sweden

As our website is accredited by FIA, Sofia Siriatou attended to media events of WRC teams ahead of Rally Sweden and had the chance to ask three WRC drivers.

Sofia Siriatou: You are the latest winner of Rally Sweden as you won there in 2020! Are you looking forward to repeating this performance?

Elfyn Evans: I would like to, of course! It is quite different circumstances, different car, so all together.. This is not a lot, but of course the conditions are quite different with the rally we had back in 2020, so not a lot of similarities! But you know, still looking forward and aiming to do the best job we can!

Sofia Siriatou: Rally Sweden will be your first WRC event with the Toyota GR Yaris Rally1. Could you share with us your first impression with this car?

Esapekka Lappi: The power is amazing, it is the most powerful car I have ever driven! Let's say, definitely the other areas are a step back in compare to the latest car generation. But yeah, still the speed is impressive! Well, on the corners probably they are a bit slower than the previous generation of car, but on the straights they are definitely faster. So, it is still a pretty fast car and it gives you some exaggeration always when you drive it, so it is definitely enjoyable!

Sofia Siriatou: You are a driver that you are always pushing your teams to be better. After the difficult start Hyundai had in Monte Carlo, what upgrades did Hyundai bring to the car for Rally Sweden?

Ott Tanak:  So far we do not have much seat for this surface, so it is now very important to get some good experience and good mileage from Sweden and, for sure, myself will push hard to also make a good result for some points as Monte was not so successful, but other than that the development phase is quite short. We do not much mileage at the moment or some experience.

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool, Hyundai

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