FIA examines the chance of adding two winter rallies in WRC calendar

The WRC event director, Simon Larkin, reveals that there is a chance to exist two winter rallies in WRC calendar from 2024.

Rally Sweden made its successful comeback to WRC calendar last week and offered great images from the forest landscape.

Sweden was absent from the WRC calendar last year and the organizers were looking for a new location as the last two rallies were held with no so much snow, therefore they decided to move their event more north and Umea became the city that hosted this year's Rally Sweden.

After the end of Rally Sweden, the organizers announced that Rally Sweden will remain in WRC calendar until 2024 and Umea will continue to be the host city of the event.

The second potential candidate for a second winter rally is the Arctic Rally Finland which was held a WRC round last year as a replacement of Rally Sweden and offered spectacular view from the Arctic Circle.

"We think a snow rally and particularly what we have seen here and what we have seen in Arctic Rally Finland last year with idea snow conditions, we think that this is not only remarkable the pictures we are all to produce ourselves, it is not only unique in motorsport but actually unique in world sport," Larkin said.

"We think there is the chance to add a second one, we think it would justify the investment that we all make in having a snow event, whether you are Pirelli or the car manufacturers, the teams and drivers.

"We think there is room for a second one. 

"It is unlikely for next year but it is something we are striving towards and with perhaps 2024 as a target for that."


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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