Impossible for Fourmaux to avoid the crash in SS3 of Rally Croatia

Adrien Fourmaux believes that his crash in stage three of Rally Croatia was unavoidable and explains what happened in that stage.

The French driver lost the grip just 200 meters into Stage 3 and lost the rear of his Ford Puma Rally1 on the second corner of the stage resulting in sliding off the road and ending up in a garden.

From this accident, M-Sport Ford mechanics were not able to fix Fourmaux's car for Saturday, so he was forced to retire from the rest of Rally Croatia.

It must be mentioned that Fourmaux started his WRC debut in Croatia last year, but this year's version was disastrous for him as he scored zero points there.

"We had a good approach for the rally and then this stage I didn’t have the info that there was water on the line of this corner and then we arrived and just aquaplaned", Fourmaux said.

"There was nothing I could really do and we just finished there. 

"It’s really a shame but yeah, nothing I can do.

"I had an issue with the throttle, I don’t know actually we have to analyze the data, but definitely it’s the water lying in the corner which just snapped the car completely and there’s nothing I could really do, and I lost it completely because of that.

"It’s frustrating because we had no drama, nothing. 

"We had no punctures, no mistakes, nothing".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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