Evans - Rovanpera deserved to win in Portugal

Elfyn Evans is being of the opinion that Kalle Rovanpera deserved to win at Rally de Portugal and admits that there are many areas in which he can improve himself.

Evans was the leader of Rally de Portugal from the Friday afternoon loop until the end of the Saturday morning loop taking advantage from his road position.

However, he lost the lead at the end of Saturday as he struggled in all afternoon stages of that day due to the rain, therefore Rovanpera was the new leader of Rally de Portugal.

In fact, the last one managed to keep his gap from the second Evans on Sunday and eventually finished on the highest place of the podium scoring 25 points plus five points as he was the fastest driver in Powerstage.

"It’s clear to see that Kalle was very very strong and he deserved to win", Evans said.

"But from our side you know, it’s still I would say a positive weekend.

"It’s been a very difficult start to the year, so I think we needed this strong result to at least build from.

"There’s plenty of areas I could see that we can improve on, so it’s positive.

"It was important to finish, I think.

"I mean, of course we wanted to win. 

"And we tried to win to a point, but I don’t think I was at the ultimate level of confidence, that last few percent that you need to deliver that pace.

"So I knew when coming to the end of the stages it wasn’t in the same place as it was when we won last year.

"So obviously, Kalle delivered that and deserved to win".

Finally, Evans does not drop out of his title hopes for this year: "He’s had a pretty good start to the year it’s very fair to say and it’s gonna be hard to catch, but of course we’re not giving up.

"There’s a lot that can still happen and there’s a lot of running to do.

"It’s still a long year, so it’s not over yet".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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